another day in Sydney: part i

 Last monday i flew to Sydney to meetup with 30+ photographers for a meetup. I arrived in the wee hours of the morning, and took a train to meet Kiara and her family. We went to a local shopping centre, shopped a bit, went to a gamiling arcade and totally OWNED at deal or no deal, and then we headed to her house. Once i was settled in we caught up a bit and talked for hours, then went and took some photos in her backyard (which is pretty much a freaking farm). We then went to bed early, cause i was so exhausted from travelling and so we could be up bright and early for the meetup the next day!

 We got up the next morning and met Christian and Alex at the train station, it was so good seeing them again after nearly 5 months! We talked for a while, then Christian had to go to uni (he was going to meet us later on in the day) we then met a few other people at Gloria Jeans, then made out way to Darling harbour. After talking for a bit and meeting some people and waiting for some people who were running late! After that we walked to the ferry so we could catch it over to the beautiful cockatoo island!

When we arrived at the island everyone walked around and took photos of each other (as you do on a meetup) although everyone was a bit shy at the beginning, it didnt take long for us to all warm up. By the end of the day everyone was clicking and had broken past the 'awkward' barrier! 
All in all it was an awesome day spent with some amazing, talented photographers. I hope to go to Sydney sometime soon and have another photographers meet up! Thank you to everyone who made the day memorable (and totally worth the ridiculously priced air fairs) , you have each rekindled my love for photography and helped me to remember why i do this art in the first place. 

Part ii will be up soon :)

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