Jewellery: ONO by Ema Sch
model: Saskia

We spent the day laughing and learning about each others hearts. We ate watermelon, drank coffee and played with Ema's little puppy. the light was perfect, the model was perfect, the brand was perfect, it was a bagus day spent with 2 other passionate, beautiful creatives.

why i quit my 365

As many of you may know, i have decided to quit my 365. at first i wasn't going to publicly announce it because i was so disappointed in myself, i was so set on finishing it, but it ended up putting a strain on my photography.

Its not that i wasn't inspired (because i was SO inspired) it was purely that i was lazy and felt like it was limiting me. 

now there are AMAZING locations here in bali, but for many i couldn't model myself as they were more 'fashion' locations or the ones i could use for self-portraits were too far away. and lets be honest, you can only use your backyard so many times. 

Im not trying to make up excuses, because honestly i don't have to. I decided to quit my 365 and i didn't want anyone to tell me different, as people can tell you how you will gain so much from it and how you will regret quitting it. But really i feel better, i feel even more inspired and like a massive weight and burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I was trying too hard to impress people and i wasn't producing good images that i though were worthy to upload anywhere. and as someone trying to attract clients, i didn't want them to see these unplanned not well thought out badly executed images.

My 365 did help me grow, i will not deny that, but its not the right thing for me now and i dont think it ever will be.

So thats my little 'why i quit my 365' story.

okay now for the better part of the blogpost, i've decided to start a 52 week project from week 9! so then i dont feel like a complete failure. Im excited to be able to properly plan and execute STRONG images that will make me feel proud of my work!
Below is my first image and a compilation of my favourite 365 images:

9/52 - Grace in your heart and flowers in your hair

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