another day in sydney: part ii

 the day after the meet up Kiara and I slept in then and then went into her backyard to take some pictures. we had to scare away the sheep so we could walk into the field! Kiara is a true farmer. We ran around in the harsh midday sun, laughing and talking. We knew that soon we'd have to say our goodbyes and this time would be harder then last. After we took photographs, we sat down and watched iCarly. Christian and his dad arrived anf  it was time to say our goodbyes (which was sad and hard) but as heartbreaking as it was i was excited as i headed off to Alex and Christian Benetels house for the next 2 days. 

 taken by Kiara, edited by me.

I then spent the next few days with the ever so lovely Benetel family, i had so much fun watching funny youtube clips, sending random snap chats, watching lord of the rings and basically laughing till my stomach hurt. We went to a beautiful park near their house and took some shots at dusk.

on my last day in sydney we drove up to Maroubra beach to meet up with the lovely Bronwyn and Jessica. It was such a lovely day spent wandering the beach, taking photographs and soaking up the sun. The sea was such a beautiful colour and the company was just as beautiful. Afterwards we got some hot chips, sat down and talked. My feet turned purple, and we laughed at how i was such a 'Darwin' person, not being able to handle the cold. As the sun went down i helped Alex by modelling for her 52 week photo which can be seen here

Jess and I said our farewells to Christian and Alex as their dad picked them up (saying goodbye sucks). Bronwyn Jess and I then walked back to the house and also said goodbye! before we knew it we were up in the sky eating sour lollies, saying goodbye to sydney and the lifechanging week it had blessed us with. i left apart of my heart in Sydney, i dont know if i could ever live there, but i cannot wait to go back. 

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