why i quit my 365

As many of you may know, i have decided to quit my 365. at first i wasn't going to publicly announce it because i was so disappointed in myself, i was so set on finishing it, but it ended up putting a strain on my photography.

Its not that i wasn't inspired (because i was SO inspired) it was purely that i was lazy and felt like it was limiting me. 

now there are AMAZING locations here in bali, but for many i couldn't model myself as they were more 'fashion' locations or the ones i could use for self-portraits were too far away. and lets be honest, you can only use your backyard so many times. 

Im not trying to make up excuses, because honestly i don't have to. I decided to quit my 365 and i didn't want anyone to tell me different, as people can tell you how you will gain so much from it and how you will regret quitting it. But really i feel better, i feel even more inspired and like a massive weight and burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I was trying too hard to impress people and i wasn't producing good images that i though were worthy to upload anywhere. and as someone trying to attract clients, i didn't want them to see these unplanned not well thought out badly executed images.

My 365 did help me grow, i will not deny that, but its not the right thing for me now and i dont think it ever will be.

So thats my little 'why i quit my 365' story.

okay now for the better part of the blogpost, i've decided to start a 52 week project from week 9! so then i dont feel like a complete failure. Im excited to be able to properly plan and execute STRONG images that will make me feel proud of my work!
Below is my first image and a compilation of my favourite 365 images:

9/52 - Grace in your heart and flowers in your hair

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