going home

Going back home after 4 months was surreal. 
Everything was the same, the parap markets were still amazing, the city still had crazy people screaming odd phrases, the NT news still had shocking headlines and ice coffee still tasted great. But in my heart i knew so much had changed, my friends were working and had new friends, we couldn't just randomly go somewhere together because one person would always be busy. We aren't kids anymore, well we are, but we no longer have that freedom to do whatever we want and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. 

My trip home made me realise i miss it, i miss my Weir Girls and my God daughter, i miss my friends, i miss laksas, i miss my church and my church family, i miss going to Lichfield, i miss the lack of traffic, i miss everything so so much. But staying there wouldn't have allowed me to grow, to meet all the people i have here in bali, to become apart of a new church and become a children's leader, to photograph Lenni Vintage and have so many other photography opportunities.

Darwin will always have my heart, it will always be my city, my home. 
But for now its not where i need to be.

On a lighter note, here are some photos of my trip.  (note: there aren't many, i need to document more)

Photoshoot with Casey

Photoshoot With Anna Maurer

Photoshoot with Laura Capel

Photoshoot with Isobel Kilmartin

A rainy afternoon with my favourite girls Madeline, Chelsea and Eliza

 My 2 month late 18th birthday party

Photoshoot With Jessica Christie

 Some instagram pics from my trip

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