Dea Wedding ~ Trinity beach

When CJ asked me to photograph her wedding in Cairns i was so thrilled/over the moon/freaking out/ excited as heck. Cj had been a teacher of mine since 2009 and was a HUGE influence in my life, if it wasn't for her I'm pretty sure i would have dropped out of school.

I came to cairns a few day before and shared an apartment with the bride and grooms best friends. They were two of the funniest and loveliest people ever. I loved getting to know the family and friends from both sides, hearing how they met Cj or Greg and having a good old laugh. People came as far as england and america! But thats the kind of couple Greg and Cj are, they are worth the travel cause you know they would do the same for you.

The wedding was so intimate and beautiful, surrounded by close friends and family you could literally feel all the love on the beach. (i may have shed a tear or two). Afterwards we headed up to the lovely reception and had a few cocktails! oh and ate the most amazing dinner in the world, but it wasn't as amazing as the cake which basically blew everyones mind. All in all it was a fantastic day spent celebrating a fantastic couple and welcoming them into their new life.

 So heres a few lovely shots from the day, soak up the love.
Much love, A xx


  1. ahhh CJ looks sooo HAPPY , also these are amazing !:)

  2. Gorgeous, and so lovely to see CJ looking so radiant.


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