2013 // a year in photographs

 in December 2012 I moved to Bali, i began 2013 in a new country, with no friends or idea of what i was doing.  This year has been full, full of opportunities, love, reading, meeting new people, swimming in the ocean, eating copious amounts of Nasi Goreng (and drinking alot of coffee), travelling and most importantly photographing a WHOLE lot.  So heres my year in photographs.
 some kids swimming at our local beach
 the view from our hotel room on the day of Nyepi.
 Eden drinking our favourite drink at our favourite cafe.
  windswept hair and a ceremony.
 our local temple & a offering.
 I started a 365 (which i failed) 
I went to perth to visit a friend and see the wonderful Ed sheeran in concert. I met the pretty Paige and we did a beautiful sunburnt photoshoot, after not shooting a model in nearly 2 months it was what i needed.
visiting home for the first time since leaving & playing in the rain with my favourite littlies.
 test shoot with the fresh faced Anna (can you believe she's never modelled before?) & a shoot with my favourite Casey.
 i have shot some amazing models in Bali, from friends visiting to american actors to new zealand beauties. 
Lisa from Lenni the Label styling model Emilie & some BTS shots.
some family & couple shoots i've done here in Bali
 i went to another sydney meetup, made new friends and met up with old ones.
 behind the scenes from a shoot with ONO jewellery. 
Family & couple shoots from my visits back to Darwin over the year (i have the best clients)
 i hosted a workshop with my pal Casey Gray. we had so much fun sharing our passion and making new friends.
 group shot
 Blossom were lovely enough to send us some pretty floral headpieces for our workshop.
annual camping trip with our family.
my favourite beach.
our mosquito infested swimming hole.
unfocused stars while talking about life.
 road tripping the island of sumba, marvelling at unspoiled beauty.
secret little river.
 photoshoots with my pretty younger sister.
shoot for brand SISCA. 
Tylah being silly in the Oh deer wandering dress
riding trolleys in the carpark & mirrors on the escalator roof. bts from This is a love song & Bug.
 I photographed my first wedding.
 i made a trip to the gold coast and photographed the sweetest family. 
self portrait. 
our new puppy Lola.
Thankyou for the love and support, you guys rock. bring on 2014.
x A

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  1. Loved this so much. Thank you for featuring me in it too! Can't wait to have you back beautiful - Allison cole


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