SUMBA ~ 2013

A few months ago i was lucky enough to visit my aunties home island, Sumba to visit my family with my dad and some close friends. I didn't take as many pictures as i wanted to cause i was sick 2/3 days i was there. But i got as many as i could when i wasnt all feverish. we basically speant the weekend snorkelling in untouched reef, driving over miles of rolling hills in the back of a ute, exploring caves dugout during WWII and just absorbing the culture of such a tiny island that has some of the most beautiful secrets ever. Here are some pics, enjoy!
A x


local markets 

the local pharmacy  

the most disgusting drink ever

the broken bridge we had to drive over, basically the scariest thing ever.

sabunese dancers

cruising around sumba

WWII tunnels 

cute little river we stopped at

last morning in sumba.

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