model: Emilie Frostmann
clothing: LENNI the label
jewellery: ONO

I'm seriously SO excited to finally be able to release these images! 

At the end of last year i contacted the beautiful Lisa asking if i could photograph for her brand, when i told her i would be moving to bali she let me know that she was going to be there in April and that we could get together and colaborate. As i was so nervous about moving to bali this shoot (although it was months away at the time) gave me something big to look forward to! It's aways awesome meeting people who are creative in different ways to you. After having a large coffee to get ourselves through the day we were on our way. We spent the day wandering bali, exploring fruit markets, rice patties, temples, old churches. We got to know one and other laughing at misfortunes in our home towns and sipping on local indonesian drinks. It was such an amazing day spent doing something we all loved. I hope i get to collaborate with each person again soon! 
Much love xx

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